What is a Personal Protection Order (PPO)?

What is a Personal Protection Order (PPO)?

What is a PPO

What is a Personal Protection Order (PPO)?

A Personal Protection Order (PPO) is a Circuit Court injunctive order that protects victims of family (domestic) violence, dating violence or stalking. A person called the “petitioner” or “plaintiff” may file a complaint with the Circuit Court against the “respondent” or “defendant” to stop or restrain the respondent from doing things such as:

*contacting the petitioner through any means (in person, by phone, by mail, or e-mail, etc.
*entering upon the petitioner’s property or work place
*assaulting, attacking, beating or wounding the petitioner
*harassing, stalking or threatening the petitioner
*removing any minor children from where they live unless their removal is part of court-ordered visitation
*interfering with the petitioner’s efforts to remove his/her children or property
*purchasing or possessing a firearm


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